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How ‘worldly’ are you? App uses social network to show you

By SANDY FLOREZ Throughout my travels, I’ve witnessed first hand the importance of social networking. Me: “We need to keep in touch!” New friend in Barcelona: “Si! Do you have Facebook?” But after accumulating under 700 friends in my Facebook … Continue reading

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Networking through Media Bistro

In most professions, networking is increasingly becoming a critical factor to success (think: Twitter). While it may be cliché to say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” denying the truth in that statement might set you back. … Continue reading

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Is anyone up? I don’t want to know!

By MARISA HIVNER Is anyone up? Don’t take that the wrong way. Or maybe you should, as the creator of would want you to do. (proceed with caution) was created by Hunter Moore, a self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner,” … Continue reading

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Online magazine sets social trends

By JAMIE STEPHENS Owned by The Washington Post Company, serves as an up and coming daily online magazine on the Web. Founded in 1996, this general-interest publication offers analysis and commentary about an array of topics and interests in … Continue reading

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IntoNow: What’s on TV?

By JOE CERVONE Remember when the smartphone application Shazam made identifying song names so easy? The new application IntoNow is now TV’s version, providing the show and the specific episode being broadcast, all while incorporating social media platforms to the … Continue reading

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Grab your Swackett, it’s chilly out

By SHARON FRAJLICH I recently heard about this adorable app called Swackett. First of all to clear up the initial confusion of the name, Swackett is a slang term meaning sweater, jacket, or coat. Thankfully, for users, the name is … Continue reading

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Broadcastr: Stories from around the world

By JOE CERVONE The new social media platform Broadcastr lets users share, record and listen to audio recordings that match a specific location to a personal story. Using the map located on Broadcastr‘s homepage, viewers can explore stories from all … Continue reading

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