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Pew Center provides poll information for election season

By BOLTON LANCASTER Public opinion polls seem to receive the most national attention when the country is preparing for or in the midst of a presidential election, and the lead-up to November 2012 is no exception. The Pew Research Center … Continue reading

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Apple technology continues to advance journalism field work

By RACHEL JANOSEC With the pen and paper era nearly dying out in the year 2012, reporters and journalists more and more are depending on technology to get their work done. With the iPhone being too small to complete journalistic … Continue reading

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NewsBusters exposes bias in the media

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS Browsing through the web this morning, I came across an article in New York Magazine. David Chalian, Yahoo’s Washington bureau chief, was fired for saying Mitt Romney doesn’t care about black people. According to the article, Chalian … Continue reading

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ASAP Sports redefines media’s role in the pressroom

By SPENCER DANDES A web site that provides free interview transcripts has essentially eliminated the need for sports journalists to master the art of the press conference. ASAP Sports, founded in 1989, is a company that places stenographers in pressrooms … Continue reading

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Music meets politics with ‘Spotify the Election’

By NICHOLAS MOORE If you have grown up in the era of digital media, you have seen the media for accessing music travel from file-sharing sites like LimeWire to iTunes to Internet radio (such as Pandora and to the … Continue reading

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By CONNIE FOSSI Also known as the “fact tank,” Pew Research and its Web site,, has become a great source of information for journalists and voters to get their facts straight, especially during election time. This non-partisan web site … Continue reading

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Dropbox tools can be useful to journalists

By EMMA REYES When it comes to saving files, photos or videos in a personal computer, there is always a doubt if the file was actually saved or a fear that the file might get lost; this is where Dropbox … Continue reading

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Thousands of journalists descent upon political conventions

By SAIRA SUMBAL At the center of news reporting about a political convention is the need to provide the public with up-to-date information and analysis of events taking place. Underlying coverage of a convention is also providing an analysis that explains how … Continue reading

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Denial of service only one of many Anonymous tactics

By MELISSA CASTILLO I was skimming through old blog posts and this particular one about the “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, was particularly interesting. It shows how much social media and the cyber world has grown. People are no longer just flooding … Continue reading

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Obama utilizes Reddit as forum as it grows in popularity

By NICKY DIAZ Reddit has slowly become a major news source for many Internet users. The social news website was founded in 2005, but only recently became popular. The site allows users to submit their own content or links to … Continue reading

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By MIRAISY RODRIGUEZ Policymic is a self-described “democratic news platform.” It is essentially a dynamic news blog whose main categories are “Politics,” “World,” “Culture,” and “Millenials.” Policymic differs greatly from other news blogs, however. It’s sort of a social media … Continue reading

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Instagram photo tools useful to journalists

By ANDRES CORREA If you hadn’t heard of Instagram before last April, you definitely knew about it after. In April 2012, Facebook acquired the photo-sharing program for approximately $1 billion, forcing the whole world to pay attention. The wisdom of … Continue reading

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Flipboard reaches 20 million users in its second year

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ Flipboard, a news-reading app, has reached 20 million users in just its second year since conception. This app allows users to link all their social media accounts together and present it as a blog to the reader. … Continue reading

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