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Apple struggles with new map app, competitor Google

By RACHEL JANOSEC For journalists on the go, map apps are highly dependable to get from place to place, especially when reporting a story on a deadline. Journalists who are Apple users became frustrated early last week when Apple put out … Continue reading

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Citysearch … Explore, discover, recommend

By CONNIE FOSSI If you are in a tourist mood, Citysearch ( is the right site for you. You only have to choose a city and the website does the rest for you, offering a variety of restaurants, hotels, spas, … Continue reading

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CitizenTube a resourceful hub for breaking news

By SPENCER DANDES There are three main events on CitizenTube’s “featured playlist” this afternoon: a typhoon in Japan, a plane crash that killed 19 in Nepal, and the biennial Ryder Cup. Videos are posted at mind-boggling frequency with updates on … Continue reading

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Project Vote strives to empower youthful voters

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS Every four years, many Americans look forward to election season because they get to exercise their right to vote. The Republican and Democrat national conventions, advertisements, commercials, presidential debates, and candidate signs on lawns are constantly … Continue reading

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BuzzData at the forefront of open source data journalism

By NICHOLAS MOORE As election season is in full swing, journalists are spending much of their time following the presidential candidates and fact-checking anything and everything they say. This type of work can definitely land a reporter in front of … Continue reading

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Pulse News app allows users to keep up with news

By ROBERT PURSELL An application developed for the iPhone and Android smartphones titled “Pulse News” is allowing journalists and concerned citizens to stay on top of the news no matter where they are. The app describes itself as compiling news … Continue reading

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Does your awesome writing matter, if you can’t report?

By SAIRA SUMBAL I recently had the pleasure of having a brief, but interesting, conversation with an editor from a national online men’s lifestyle magazine.  What was most striking about what she had to say? Journalism isn’t about writing, it’s … Continue reading

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By ANDRES CORREA Twitter has so quickly become the most important tool in our socially connected world that the amount of accounts is overwhelming. This makes it quite difficult to find the best accounts that fit your interests. Luckily for … Continue reading

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POPVOX helps journalists find bills before Congress

By EMMA REYES Constituent communications can be challenging information to gather because of the complex language used for bills in Congress and the amount of material each bill has, but POPVOX brings the information clear and at once. POPVOX is … Continue reading

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Google Refine 2.0: Making databases easier to read

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ As journalists, going through databases with what seems like an endless amount of data, can be overwhelming. Databases offered by the U.S. Census or the FBI can also be very confusing to understand at first. Instead of … Continue reading

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Fine line exists between whistle-blowers, secrets leakers

By MELISSA CASTILLO On Sept. 25. President Obama gave a speech to the United Nations highlighting the importance of the First Amendment and encouraging those around the world to follow America’s approach to free speech. “Americans have fought and died … Continue reading

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Park Service provides writers with valuable information

By BOLTON LANCASTER National parks are some of the most popular vacation destinations for Americans and international travelers alike. This demand often leads to a large number of stories written on national parks and monuments to both inform the public … Continue reading

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Poll shows American public trusts news media less

By NICKY DIAZ Seems like most of the U.S. isn’t on good terms with the news media nowadays. According to a new poll by Gallup, 60 percent of Americans have little to no trust in the media – TV, newspapers, … Continue reading

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Investigative news channel available on YouTube

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ Journalism has evolved over the years. It has gone from newspapers and magazines and now to broadcast news and channels on YouTube. There is no need to turn on the TV or go to the local newsstand. … Continue reading

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