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With the elections quickly approaching, it is an appropriate time to discuss where to get your political news. In my political science class, my teacher had introduced me to Politico. I started to read this daily and was really interested in their coverage of the Congress, lobbying, Presidency, media and more. Based in Arlington, Va., this news organization presents the latest political news through their Web site, television, newspaper and radio.

When Congress is in session, Politico distributes newspapers five times a week in Washington, D.C., for free. Not only does their newspaper carry political news, but it also has a section listing for Washington political jobs.

As soon you go to the homepage, you see a little pop-up ad at the bottom that says “Become a fan on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter.” If you are interested in politics, or are looking for reliable political news, Politico is your site!

If you feel as if you have no clue what is going on with the elections, or if you’re wondering what Politico is saying about it, I highly recommend for you to visit Politico designed a unique site dedicated to the elections and always has fresh news about what is going on.

Another feature of the site that I like is that you can search stories by date and by the author. Once you start reading Politico, you’ll figure out which writers you enjoy the most, and can easily filter all the news sites to just find articles written by your favorite author.

Not only does the Web site provide news, but it shows the latest polls and has discussion forums for the public to debate important issues. Be sure to click on “Video” and check out the multimedia videos!

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