Continuing the journalism evolution — Using smartphones


While most of the recent talk for journalists involves how to use new media, multimedia, and social media to find better stories, I came across a story on a completely new way to report the news. WTOP, a radio news station based out of Washington, D.C., has the “first reporter in the country to use his iPhone to report, edit and file his broadcast story directly from the field.”

While Neil Augenstein was the first reporter to use a smartphone to do a story, it is clear that he will not be the last. Journalism, like many other professions, continues to advance from discoveries and innovations of a few. There is little doubt that at most within the next year, using a smartphone for reporting will be a common trend.

The Online News Association held a meeting lasting through last Saturday covering some of the most talked about issues in journalism today. The article said these issues included the usefulness of social media, using digital technology to cover a natural disaster, smartphone applications for reporters, news sites charging for online content, and many other important topics.

When meetings such as this take place, they usually result in new ideas and approaches in which companies can take part. It will be exciting to see where the future takes us and how reporters today will be able to use the advantages of our society to improve the way people get their news.

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