Learning Spanish one game at a time


Do you speak Spanish?

Chances are, if you live in Miami, if you don’t, you wish you did.

Whether you need directions or a non-fat latte, it seems as if wherever you go in this beautifully diverse metropolis, speaking better Spanish would indeed prove useful.

For example, last semester I did some reporting about a school located in the West Grove. When I called for an interview, naturally, the woman who answered the phone had a pronounced Hispanic accent.

I couldn’t help but think, could I have conducted a better, more personal interview if I had introduced myself in Spanish?

Although learning a language can prove both time consuming and difficult, I believe I have found a sure-fire way to learn Spanish (and have a bit of fun at the same time).

For a few weeks now, I have started to play Spanish vocabulary and grammar games online in my free time in order to make myself a more marketable (and effective) interviewer. Although there are countless websites devoted to learning better Spanish, I recommend Spanish Classes Online because they do not gear their website to younger children, as is typical of many “learn Spanish online” types of websites.

I also enjoy the games on Spanish Classes Online because they on both grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, many of the games on Spanish Classes Online require the user to be active—gamers are required to type out answers as opposed to merely selecting from four multiple choice sets of solutions.

Additionally, Spanish Classes Online’s website is also simple to navigate and well organized as each set of vocabulary words is divided into easy-to-use, titled sections. For example, the set of vocabulary words dealing specifically with “Occupations” are cleverly divided between “Blue Collar” and ‘White Collar.”

So, if you ever find yourself with some down time and plan to visit Miami, Spanish Classes Online is your quick and easy path to becoming a practiced Spanish speaker.

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