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Even if you want to work for a newspaper, radio or television organization, you will still need the skills to know how to write online. Writing for online is very different from writing other media. I found this great Web site called that has online writing tips that we can all use. is not only a resource site, but a news site that is about how digital technology is changing the media. The site features commentary and tips on innovations in media and digital media work.

According to the home Web site, the organization has been named a top 100 digital media site by Cnet and have been spoken favorably of publications such as Vanity Fair, USAToday, and Columbia Journalism Review. The Web site also has visitors from more than 200 countries!

Jonathan Dube, a publisher of wrote an article called “A Dozen Online Writing Tips” that are extremely useful. This article was also published on and “Shop Talk and War Stories.” I highly recommend you take a look at these Web site.

Out of all his tips, I think the following are the most important:

1) Know your audience. Who are you writing for?

2) Never bury the lead. Dube talks about using the “Model T” story structure. Meaning, a story’s lead is the horizontal line of the T. The lead should tell us why the story is important and why we should keep reading.

3) Break it up. Huge chunks of texts are not going to captivate the reader and make them want to continue reading.

Keep in mind that does not only offer tips, but the latest news in social media. Feel free to browse around this Web site!

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