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This past weekend I had the great opportunity to attend the ACP/CMA national college media convention in Louisville, Ky. Throughout the convention I attended many different sessions in which people who are currently in the field of journalism shared their inside tips about the life of a journalist. One of the best sessions that I attended was one about creating your own blog.

Blogging can be difficult. With this class, we are fortunate to have many contributors so there is always new information on our site. But often times when starting your own blog keeping up with posting is difficult. The advice given to help with this was to create a blog you are both passionate about and one that is about a subject you know about.

This especially comes in handy once your blog has started taking off and you have written several posts because it allows advertisers to see what sort of things would be good to advertise on your blog.

Sites like allow bloggers to monitor what advertisements go onto their blog. So if your blog is about organic food and you don’t want McDonald’s advertising because their company goes against everything your blog stands for then you can simply block all advertising from McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. By putting ads on your blog you may not become a millionaire, but you will be getting some money. You can also control where on your blog the ads are displayed.

Most of you probably already knew about putting ads on your blog. But an even cooler way to make money is with Amazon associates. Amazon has come up with a way to reward people for sending others to their site. Any time on your site that you have a product and you link people to Amazon to buy the product and then they subsequently buy something from Amazon (even if it is not the product you sent them there for), you get a percentage of the sales. So, say you have a blog about books. Every time you blog about a new book and send people to to buy that book and someone buys it, you get a small percentage of the sale.

This is a great way to make money from blogging without having to clutter your blog with advertisements you do not want.

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