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Knowing how to tell a story with words has always been my favorite — hence, I’m a print journalism major. Knowing how to tell a story through multimedia is what I’m in the process of learning about. Without multimedia, photographs, and videos, stories with blocks of texts won’t attract readers. So, in order to learn about how different news outlets tell stories, I occasionally take a look at Newsy.

Newsy is a multi-source video news service that creates two to three minute video clips from multiple news outlets. According to the “About Us” on the site, they “monitor, analyze and present the world’s news coverage.” In general, Newsy shows how news outlets such as The New York Times, Fox, The Guardian, and report on different issues. Also, I’ve come across some sources and news outlets of which I have never heard. This is an excellent site for learning about new media platforms.

Using comparative journalism, Newsy allows us to compare different media outlet’s reporting skills and how they portray a story. What I really enjoy about this is that not only am I better informed from these videos, but I can also develop my own opinion from hearing several points of views.

This Web site is extremely convenient for those like me who don’t have time to visit every source for the latest news. To give you an idea on how fresh their news is, on Tuesday, Nov. 2, the site had already launched a video called “Tea Party Scores Already Wins.” It also had a lot of videos on the election.

You can click on the categories you are most interested in from these: World, U.S., Politics, Business, Tech, Entertainment, Science/Health, and Sports. At the bottom of the site, you have a choice to sort videos by the most recent, most popular, most commented and highest rated. Enjoy!

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