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Because I have a love for photography I am always looking for websites that showcase work.  I stumbled upon  The purpose of the A Photo A Day, or APAD, website is to foster photojournalism and offer a community for photographers to network, learn about conference and workshops, and spread the word about photojournalism as a growing field.  Each day a new photograph is shown as the front page of the website.  They use a variety of work from sports, to politics to portraits.

What I love about the website is first, its simplicity.  The front page isn’t overwhelming and only shows one photograph.  It’s clean.  The pages are also broken up into just a few categories: photo essays, the blog (where links to workshops, events and galleries are held) and past front page photos.

While not everyone is a photographer, being familiar with the different types and styles of photography is definitely an important skill to have. This website offers inspiration for journalists looking to expand their skill set and step into the world of photography. The blog section is also a great area to post information on new galleries but it also provides links to portfolios for up and coming photographers. The rest of the website includes photo essays from a diverse group of photographers.

They also invite everyone to join their listserv (with a warning attached) in order to really build community between the members. It’s a tool to really connect with other photojournalists through photos but also discussions on the story behind the photo.

Even if you’re not interesting in connecting with other photojournalists or visiting a photo gallery near you, the website is just great place to take a moment and enjoy good photographs.

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