Sporcle offers tools for improving your memory


Between performing background research, locating expert sources and conducting countless interviews, reporting can oftentimes prove to be a lengthy, difficult process.

So, it stands to reason that, once you’ve completed your brilliant news story, you’re definitely ready for a bit of down time.

Instead of wasting your valuable time by watching TV or playing video games, take a break from writing with http://sporcle.com.

It is important to note that Sporcle.com is NOT your typical, run-of-the-mill gaming website.

While most online gaming sites allow their users to engage in hours of mindless clicking and dragging, http://sporcle.com provides their users with fun activities that are also mentally stimulating.

According to the “about” section of their website, Sporcle started with their first quiz, naming the United States presidents, in order to “test knowledge” and “learn a piece of information that seemed to come up again and again” (http://sporcle.com).

Sporcle divides its games into 15 categories, Geography, Entertainment, Science, History, Literature, Sports, Language, Just for Fun, Religion, Movies, Television, Music, Gaming, Miscellaneous and Holiday.

Within each category, although the format of the games may change, their relative educational value does not.

For example, under the “Geography” section of http://sporcle.com, users may choose to complete an activity called “U.S. Capitals.” Once users select this quiz, a blank map of the United States appears, requiring the user to click on a specific state and types its corresponding capital. Users only have 10 minutes to compete this activity.

Similarly, under the “Literature” section of http://sporcle.com, users can choose to complete an activity entitled “Shakespeare Plays.” Here, users are presented with three columns, labeled “Comedies,” “Histories” and “Tragedies” and are asked to fill in the blanks. Users only have 10 minutes to complete this activity as well.

But what if you get stumped?

If users are unable to complete an activity they are able to select “Give up.” In selecting “Give up,” all of the answers will be filled in automatically.

So, the next time you have some down time between story assignments, take a look at http://sporcle.com and improve your memory by having fun.


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