Online Pacemaker awards honor best campus news sites


Every year the Associated Collegiate Press gives Pacemaker Awards for what it sees as being the best in student journalism. Since this is a class about the Internet and reporting, I think it is important for us to examine how we use the Internet to display our journalistic content.

Below are listed the top webpages for large school newspapers created by students from universities across the country. Take a look and consider not only the content that is provided, but also what multimedia aspects are there. Since the Internet is capable of so many actions it is essential for us to make use of these many different ways of displaying the news. Do any of the webpages use podcasts, radio clips, video, or is it just text and images?

The State Press, Arizona State University., University of Arkansas

Mustang Daily, California Polytechnic State

The Red & Black, University of Georgia

The Daily Illini, University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Kansas

College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky University, University of Minnesota

The Daily Targum, Rutgers University

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