Quinnipiac teaches entrepreneurship in journalism


Quinnipiac University is embarking on a new endeavor involving the way they teach real world applications of journalism to journalism majors. The journalism program is now linking with the business program in an entrepreneurship class that allows both the majors to see what it takes to run a business.

The purpose of this class is not only to create a business plan, market it, and produce it; this class is also a competition in which real money can be won. Students are also able to submit their plans to other competitions to increase the chances of winning.

Beyond the competition, I feel like this is a great way to teach journalism students about all the different uses of the major. There are so many opportunities beyond just writing for a website or reporting on TV, everyone needs people who can edit, produce, and write. And it just so happens that these skills are three of the most important skills to a journalist.

Combining majors that seemingly have nothing to do with each other not only allows students to educate themselves in a different field, but also to see just how far their majors can take them.

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