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I was recently browsing the Web and came across Variety, an American weekly entertainment magazine. The magazine and its Web site has broad coverage of movies, television, theater, music, technology and it is even delivered internationally., the Internet version of Variety was launched in 1998 and was one of the first online newspaper to charge for access.

I did some research and learned that Variety was launched in 1905 by Sime Silverman. Apparently, in 1907, Variety published the first film review in history — I found this very interesting. Not only does it cover industry-specific news and targets those working in the entertainment industry itself, but it attracts people outside of the industry.

What caught my eye is that Variety’s photography, videography and design elements work together in an impressive way. Additionally, to a greater extent than most sites, Variety utilizes hyperlinks throughout each of their stories. These hyperlinks are a great to get readers to click on related stories, industry information, or entertainer profiles.

If you scroll over “film,” “tv,” “legit,” “music,” “tech” or “international,” you will find specific blogs for each of those topics. My favorite feature about the Web site is that if you scroll down, you can see the top films and the amount of their making, top television shows, and top albums. For top albums, I like how they categorize it by “Amazon,” “iTunes,” and Rhapsody.

This is an excellent Web site to visit if you’re interested in writing about entertainment. From film criticism to music journalism to celebrity coverage, Variety has it all.

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