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Although dozens of students have included useful online tools for writing about sports in their various CNJ 515 blog posts over this past semester, it seems as if we’ve neglected to include at least one, overarching genre of athletics: high school sports.

In Atlanta, where I’m from, supporting your local high school team is part of the culture of the community. For example, attendance at Friday night football games is all but required by law and even top 40 radio stations cannot help but gear their Friday morning programming to all things high school football.

However, when it comes to writing about sports, following high school athletics can also prove extremely useful as most recruiting begins with high school scouts.

MaxPreps ( is your one-stop shopping guide to nationwide high school sports statistics and other newsworthy content. Simply enter the name of your local school, for example, into the white search bar at the top of the homepage and begin browsing.

As you start to type, begins to generate a list of potential matches for your query automatically (a la Google instant). Once you select your school of choice, provides two lists: one for boys’ athletics and one for girls’. From there, you select your athletic of choice.

Once you’ve selected your sport, directs you to a new page. Here, all of the important information concerning your selection is outlined in a clear, easy-to-read format. Items such as a team’s overall record, win percentage, league ranking, state ranking and national ranking are presented at the top of the page.

If you scroll down, provides their users with lots of additional, useful content. Here, you can view your team of choice’s upcoming schedule, read about impressive player statistics, find links to news headlines about your team as well as buy team merchandise.

So, the next time you’re looking for a new angle on sports writing, spend a couple minutes browsing and discover a whole new genre of interesting, newsworthy athletics.


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