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As college journalists, there’s an amplitude of feature stories we can write about our very own University of Miami or various other college campuses that our readership base is sure to find intriguing.

For any quick reference to information or statistics I need on any institution of higher learning, I turn to While the site is designed to be a tool for current college students and high school juniors and seniors who are preparing for post-secondary education,  the facts the site makes available can be invaluable to journalists.

CollegeData offers several features that allow prospective college students to calculate their odds of getting accepted to certain schools. They also provide numerous tips for these kids on the whole admissions process, money management, time management, life management and some statistical information that they might find valuable. Information like this makes for some scintillating story ideas on how difficult of a struggle it can be for high school students trying to get into the school of their dreams, especially if the stories are timed correctly around the school year.

Even greater story ideas can be found in their College Buzz section. The College Buzz portion of the web site provides true stories and testimonials that several college students posted on their acceptance experience. Some had to battle some devastating hardships, but made it through anyway and, if a journalist can contact any of these students, they would be in for an excellent motivational article they can write.

Another fantastic feature that CollegeData provides is their profiles on different universities. The profiles are meant to give students accurate information so they can decide what college is right for them, but the quick facts posted in this section can be utilized in virtually any scenario where the name of the university comes up. For example, in a recent blog post, I was discussing how sources for stories can be found right on campus. In writing my story, I needed to make a quick reference to the size of Miami’s campus. I quickly ventured over to the University of Miami Campus Life profile and got the information I needed.

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David Furones is junior at the University of Miami majoring in journalism and sport administration. He was born and raised in Miami-Dade County and has always considered UM to be his dream school (minus the hefty tuition price). He was born to Cuban parents who immigrated to the United States (legally of course) about a year and a half before his birth. He holds aspirations for a career in sports journalism upon graduation. Furones, who loved reading the sports section and watching ESPN as a child, knew that's what he wanted to do with his life at an early age.
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