Updating your computer software free of charge


Are you a University of Miami student in want of new upgrades for your Microsoft family of products?

Did you know that the University of Miami Technology Product Center allows its students to upgrade their Microsoft Office software via download, free of charge?

Because up until Prof. Garrison mentioned this wonderfully useful (and affordable) option to our CNJ 515 class last Thursday, I, unfortunately, did not.

So, after class, I immediately logged on, determined to make my tuition dollars count.

When I first traveled to http://www.miami.edu/software, I expected to find a bunch of technological mumbo-jumbo as I’ve experienced in the past with other types of free software downloads. And, as a student who is indeed out of her league when it comes to any type of computer anything, I even had a computer-savvy friend standing by, ready to help me through what was certain to be a headache-inducing afternoon.

However, to my surprise, downloading the new software was easy. There were no hidden issues or complications! The process was altogether simple.

I was also pleased to discover other free, useful software available for download at http://www.miami.edu/software.

For example, in addition to the assortment of past versions of Microsoft office products offered by http://www.miami.edu/software, there were also links to download antivirus and anti-spyware programs.

The University of Miami also offers free, downloadable software for graphics, design and Web tools

Although some of this software is restricted to faculty and other members of the University of Miami staff, some products, such as Adobe student and Adobe shrink wrap are available to all University of Miami users.

Interested in statistical or mathematical software? Fear not! The University of Miami also offers free, downloadable versions of software like Maple, Mathematia, Minitab and more.

So, the next time you’re headed to your favorite software-shopping location, think again. You may be able to save yourself time and money by logging on to http://www.miami.edu/software. Who knows, the program you need may be right and your fingertips.


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