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The idea of religion is a very broad topic.  When trying to uncover the truth about a religion that is broken up into so many different sectors, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  I decided to focus on one specific religion for this entry. Christianity. It is a very, very broad topic. While it is nearly impossible to compile a comprehensive list of sites that cover all denominations and beliefs, if you are looking for a starting point for an article, here are a few sites that I discovered.

General Information: If you’re looking for a description of where certain religions preside in the Unites States, Flowing Data ( )provides maps that show the concentration of various religions in each state of the U.S. Another site, gives the history of Christianity and brief descriptions of the various denominations, provides a list of key symbols and prominent figures, and both past and present practices.  Religionfacts also provides links to books, and articles related to Christianity.

Specific denominations: is the site for the United Methodist Church.  On their site you will find recent news articles about the Methodist church.  There are links to the different beliefs, leadership and resources related to their ministry. is one of many sites dedicated to Catholicism. If you’re looking for one of the largest African American church movements check out for the Church of God in Christ, a Charismatic movement started in the 1980. Their site includes a more specific history of the denomination’s roots and prominent leaders in the movement.  The COGIC website also teaches the viewer about their basic beliefs and maps of where the largest groups of the movement preside.  Another site is the official site of the Southern Baptist Convention. This site includes basic doctrines, history of the sect and organizations they are connected too.

Magazines:  If you’re looking for Christian writers or information about Christian pop culture, these magazine sites are filled with information.  Relevant Magazine is aimed at young adults, linking Christianity to mainstream music.  Also, Christianity Today ,which has been around since the 1950s, focuses on the Christian community and modern day issues.  It is affiliated with Christianity Today International non-profit organization that publishes 10 other Christian themed magazines.

Finally, one last site I found that proved to be informative was the Journalist’s Toolbox which contains a list of links related to religion in the United States. It gives background information on not only Christianity but all of the major world religions and proves to be a good starting point for research.

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