An online fashion revolution brought to you by Google


Can a computer really acquire a sense of style? For those of you that are interested in fashion journalism, pay attention to this.

Last week in New York, Google launched, the latest Web site that involves both fashion and celebrities. You may think is just another retail Web site (which it is), but it also gives us the ability to accessorize by algorithm. Yes, it’s a commercial Web site, but it allows people interested in fashion to buy clothes they know are fashionable and to narrow down choices on what to buy.

Essentially, this Web site is an online mall with tons of stores – but, there’s a twist. You can use the search engine to look for clothes by pattern, shape, size, silhouette and genre. Google says that users can create their very own personalized boutique by listing their preferences and following famous celebrities and designers.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Manjul Shah, director of product management at Google said, “We had a hundred fashionistas and local fashion students tag 50,000 different items. [And] each item [was tagged] by two different people.”

This system was specifically designed to find items that the user will most likely prefer. Based on one’s personal preferences, will give you recommendations. This is a unique feature because you can learn about different clothing brands and accessories as well as match up different outfits. This is very similar to how Pandora plays new music based on the music you like.

For bloggers and fashion designers express their sense of style on the Web, is a handy and useful tool for them to experiment with. Not only does it provide shoppers with a more interactive shopping experience, but it will also allow those of us interested in writing about fashion to keep up with the latest trends.

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