SPJ’s Journalist’s Toolbox offers numerous resources


As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), I visit its Web site frequently. Dedicated to “the perpetuation of a free press as the cornerstone of our nation and our liberty,” SPJ is an ideal source for journalism students and those who are interested in pursuing journalism as a career.

Click on Journalist’s Toolbox on SPJ’s homepage and take a look around. I think that every journalist should take a look at this Web site. These Web sites list are excellent resources for papers and articles and are extremely helpful for both high school and college students. Additionally, the Web site is updated on a daily basis with new resources.

On the left side of the Web site’s homepage, there is a list of categories that you can choose from such as “Mobile Journalism,” “Global Journalism,” “Fact-checking/Libraries,” and many more. The site also organizes its Web sites with monthly archives.

These resources link you to other helpful Web sites. For example, last year I had issues with copyediting and coming up with strong headlines. So, I clicked on the “Copy editing” category and visited sites such as CrashBlossoms.com. According to SPJ’s Journalist Toolbox Web site, it stated that “CrashBlossoms.com is a great site that highlights awful headlines and implied meanings. A must-bookmark for copy editors and teachers.” I visited this site and learned what defines an “awful headline.”

Other categories that I found helpful was “Reporting/Interviewing Techniques and Tools,”  “Multimedia Editing Tools,” and “Journalism Jobs.” For “Journalism Jobs,” I found a very helpful site called MediaJobPod.org that tries to recruit college students who are interested multimedia jobs and internships.

Take a look at these sites. If you don’t take a look, you’ll never know what helpful tools are out there floating on the Web.

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