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If you do not already have listed under your Bookmarks or Favorites, I highly recommend you add it. is a Web search tool designed specifically for journalists with tons of links to news and information resources. It is a helpful news and research portal for every reporter. Not only does it have links to news services, but it also displays several financial data sites, search engines and references tools.

At first, the home page for may look plain and boring, but it gets the job done and is simple to use. All the sites are listed under specific categories: Wires, Magazines, Newspaper & Magazine Directories, Daily News, International News, Broadcast News, Stocks and Markets, Archives, News Sites, Essential Journalism Links, Buzz Gossip & Other Fun, and CNN’s Top Stories.

I really like how, under the “Essential Journalism Links” category, there are Public Records, Mapping, and Government Agency links and information. However, the best part about is that membership is free and you can access your account anywhere. Once your register, you have access to choosing your own personal links, customizing your own RSS News Center, their “What’s Your Beat” content and more.

“What’s Your Beat” content is pretty self-explanatory. It allows reporters to get the latest news on the following tabs: Business Research, Environmental, Family and Education, Government, & Politics, Living Arts, and Sports.

Another unique aspect of is that you have access to your own pop-up notes calendar and meeting planner. It is important to understand that this Web site is ideal for both journalists in training and professional journalists.

Be sure to take advantage of this news library and its newsy goodies. It’s everything you need in one convenient location.

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