GlobalPost: Jobs abroad and international news


Journalists who aspire to report internationally no longer have to wait for years to get their global debut. While newspapers, television networks and other multimedia outlets have international correspondents across the world, they’re also becoming increasingly reliant on GlobalPost — an organization with reporters stationed around the world. Usually, these reporters are Americans — or other English-speaking reporters — who live in the countries from which they report. Instead of waiting for your company to send you to cover a topic abroad, you can become a freelance reporter for GlobalPost and report for organizations worldwide on a daily basis.

Since reporters from GlobalPost are stationed in nations around the world, they are used increasingly by American media outlets not only to provide freelance work when a situation arises, but also to provide an array of background research on a topic. If, for example, an event made international news in a Middle Eastern nation, American media outlets would temporarily work with GlobalPost reporters who know the ins and outs of the situation. GlobalPost offers its subscribers in-depth international reporting as well as any research topic they may need data on.

While much of the international reporting is seen through print articles on the website, there are also a number of correspondents who work on multimedia aspects of the site. These reports are a mixture of short video stories as well as photo briefs.

Another interesting feature of the website is that in addition to searching for recent news by continent, you can also search by beat. If, for example, a reporter is doing research on green initiatives, he or she can search using the beats tool to get updated stories about going green and even get into contact with the correspondents who initially did the reporting. Though journalism students may be most interested in GlobalPost for its job opportunities abroad, American media outlets and those interested in foreign news also have a vested interest in the organization.

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