Royalty-free music available at JewelBeat


As students, we are constantly searching for images or music to use for our stories and multimedia projects that are in the public domain. We are always encouraged to create our own images or sound content, but sometimes that is easier said than done. JewelBeat is a site that offers royalty free music and sound effects to the public and it can be downloaded for free! The site includes easy-to-follow steps on how to download the tunes onto your Mac or PC.

The music is mostly free of lyrics, so it is perfect for the background of an ad, slideshow, or presentation you are working on. The music ranges from square dance inspired beats, to battle music that sounds like its straight from “Gladiator,” to techno beats that make you feel like your listening to the live stream from a DJ booth.

JewelBeat also offers simple sound effects, like beeps and whistles, to be downloaded for free. These tools can be of great use to add a little spice to your next assignment. JewelBeat even encourages using the different sound effects and background music clips to mash up and create your own beats.

Its not easy finding content on the web anymore that is available for everyone to use and download legally so any sites that provide this luxury all in one place should be used to everyone’s advantage.

JewelBeat is one of these sites and its just another tool to keep in the back of your mind when trying to make your work as interesting, dynamic, and fresh as possible. The site says, “Thanks and enjoy!” and we will do just that.

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