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It’s easy to search in Google or Yahoo when trying to find information on a particular topic or event.  However, with millions of different websites available, it can be hard to find ones that are accurate and which sites are used the most by the general population.  Some sites such as try to aid users by providing them with site listing based on popularity and helps site creators by showing them where they rank among other sites and ways to improve that rank.

Alexa uses its capabilities to search for sites that are visited most often.  When searching for a topic, Alexa will compile of list of the most visited sites related to that topic to provide users with sites ranked by popularity.  Alexa does the same on a country-by-country basis. You can view the site’s statistics to see which sites are more popular based on the country you choose.

But the aspect that really sets apart is the service it offers to website creators. Alexa will audit a site, show its visibility in search engines, and show its owners how to optimize the usage of that site. Alexa provides a page specifically for website owners with tools to help them make more money, draw more visitors in and find links that no longer work. Alexa can also show an individual his/her site’s ranking in comparison to sites similar to theirs. Another feature that proves helpful to site owners is Alexa’s ability to show you which sponsors and affiliate partners a site owner’s competition are connected with.

Another tool for which Alexa is known is its Toolbar. The Toolbar allows you to get statistics every time you visit a site.  By downloading the Toolbar, Alexa will automatically provide you with a list of related and similar sites to the one you are visiting, website reviews, old versions of the website and its ranking.

Alexa’s blog page sets up a platform for a community website owners to voice their concerns and provides users with a place to dialogue about the ever-changing facets of the internet. is now a company owned by Amazon, which provides analytical content for website owners, merchants and researchers for about $0.15 for 1,000 requests.  This program can be found at

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