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Fine arts are a significant part of our society and they are one of the ways our identity is preserved for generations to come. While sometimes the arts are overlooked, they are rich in history and culture, providing a look at lives from all over the world. For the arts journalists and art fanatics … and even those who know nothing about it, is a site to check out. calls itself the first art newspaper on the Web. For each day, there is a news story related to the artistic scene, whether a large sale has just taken place or a big gallery opening. The news stories’ coverage is worldwide.  And if you missed a day, in order to look back at past feature stories, there is an interactive calendar. You choose a day and are shown what happened art related on that particular day.

The site is filled with information. If you’re looking for facts about a specific artist the site offer a collection of links to biographies and websites of hundreds of artists, both historical and modern. In a similar fashion, Artdaily provides a list of different galleries and museums from all over the world. Once you find the country you want (they are listed alphabetically), you can choose from a list of art museums and galleries.  Artdaily will take you directly to the museum’s Web site.

As well as being really informative, the site also has a few fun features such as 360 degree view of some of the most famous monuments and sites with audio.  You can also take the site’s art quiz to show how much knowledge you have, or do an online art puzzle or word search. The Web site provides visitors with a photo of the day, story of the day and even a “today in art history” link.

Artdaily’s focus ranges from painting to photography and even architecture.  Their widespread coverage of all things art really make them a go-to site for information.

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