‘Nom’ on this!


Let’s face it: We base the majority of our opinions from just using our sense of sight. We hate to admit our superficiality, but in reality, we do judge books by their covers before even attempting to flip through their pages.

That’s exactly what I find is so great about this website I recently discovered: Foodspotting.

I first came across this site as an iPhone App when it was named App of the Week in October 2010. What Foodspotting does that other restaurant review websites, like Yelp or Urbanspoon, don’t do, is it makes every person a food critic or “foodspotter.” Yet, instead of criticizing restaurants and warning readers about the bad service, unappealing food or whatever it may be, Foodspotting puts a positive twist on restaurant reviewing by showing only what’s good at different locations around the world.

Launched from San Francisco a year ago by co-founders Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi, Foodspotting had the goal to help you decide not just where to go, but what to order, explains the site’s About page. It’s a fun, easy way to find what’s good at any given location, from a swanky, upscale restaurant to the small bakery down the street from your house.

The site actually serves as a visual guide to food. And everyday people, like you or maybe your neighbor, upload the pictures of their favorite dishes (“noms”) and then tag the location. According to the website, as a “foodspotter” you can also became a dish expert by spotting five or more foods of the same type and you can also complete guides and scavenger hunts to earn badges.

If you’re a foodie like me and want to discover new, delicious food, you can use the site as a “foodseeker” and can bookmark foods you want to eventually try, vote for foods you have, or simply check out what others are recommending.

Celebrating its first birthday four days ago, it’s no wonder that this “new form of crowd-sourced food journalism” has over half a million users, according to The Huffington Post.

So next time you get hungry, use Foodspotting to either search what tasty dishes are nearby, find a particular dish your stomach’s grumbling from, or see what has the highest “Noms” in your neighborhood.

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