E-mail is taken for granted


During our class discussions of the pros and cons of e-mail as a reporting tool for journalists, I took for granted that in America we all have e-mail accounts that we can use at will. E-mail is certainly far from private or personal in America, however, it is safe to assume that most people do not think twice about their right to use e-mail at will.

When looking to find more examples of how journalists use e-mail when reporting, I came across an article from Daily Tech entitled “Chinese Yahoo Email Accounts Owned by Journalists, Activists Hacked.” China has been known to limit access to the Internet for its people and has since created hostility with Google and most recently Yahoo!.

While Yahoo has remained relatively silent in the situation, this controversy shows how truly different the field of journalism is depending on where you are. In this case, Andrew Jacobs, an American reporter from the New York Times who is stationed in Beijing, is one of people who had his e-mail hacked. It is interesting to read just how difficult some places make it for journalists to do fair and impartial work.

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