Tumblr: No hassle blogging on this site


Ever wanted your very own blog? A space to call your own on the infinite stretch of superhighway that is the Internet? Is the only thing deterring you from doing this the fact that you simply don’t have time? Well, with the introduction of the website Tumblr , that excuse is no longer valid.

Tumblr is a new phenomena on the Internet. A site that is essentially a hybrid of social networking sites and blogging sites. It features a clear, simple interface that allows anyone to create an account with the site that immediately makes them the conductor of their very own Internet domain, referred to as a “tumbleog.” The user can immediately begin posting anything from pictures, links to interesting news articles, websites or their very own musings on any topic that appeals to them at the time.

However, if you can’t think of anything to hang on the hallowed halls of your new Internet residence, don’t panic because you can simply “reblog” anything that you find interesting from any other user on the site. You can even add your own comments to the “reblogged” material to make it more your own.

You can search the website for virtually any topic that interests you, including international news, movie reviews, restaurant reviews even music reviews and you are sure to stumble on a few hundred blogs that are brimming with information ready for you to browse and maybe even share on your blog.

The New York Times has written that “Tumblr makes blogging blissfully easy,” which you will realize to be true once you log on to the site.

It makes finding, posting, sharing and commenting on information so effortless, that 12,682,840 blogs have been created since the website started only about four years ago. So go ahead and start Tumbling.

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