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Many music, social networks and pop culture fans have regarded the shut down and seize of the infamous and explicit rap site, as a “sad day for the Internet” (

Established in 2005, the self-described, user-friendly, multimedia site recently secured the position of the leading Hip hop Website in the world. Pulling in more than 120 million impressions monthly, more than 30 million unique visitors monthly, and more than one million viewers daily (, it’s a disappointment and shock to many WSHH followers why couldn’t last.

When asked what inspired, WSHH founder and rapper Lee “Q” O’Denat, said, “I wanted to create something different — a site with content that got people excited.” Unfortunately, it’s been rumored that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had no interest or mercy in the mission of the site and charged WSHH with copyright infringement earlier this month.

Furthermore, there have been additional rumors that allegedly, famed music mogul/rapper/actor Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” personally had WSHH shut down because the site used 50 Cents’ images without his permission.

Though WSHH’s founder O’Denat denies these allegations, soon after WSHH shut down, 50 cent posted the following on his Twitter profile: “I just shut down WorldStar for future advertising…” ( For more of 50 Cents Tweets regarding, see

Nonetheless, CEO O’Denat denies all rumors and allegations and defends his site saying, “It’s a technical difficulty and has nothing to do with 50 Cent or Homeland Security or hackers,” he said. “We’re more or less having difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We’re getting so much traffic that we constantly have to upgrade” (, said O’Denat.

While O’Denat assures WSHH fans that their cherished multimedia source for urban music news, culture and gossip will be back up and running in the next 24 hours or so, many Homeland Security and 50 Cent retaliation rumors still float around in cyberspace, especially on social networks and blogs like Twitter and Facebook.

Formerly ranked as the 299th most popular Website in the United States and commonly noted by the owners as not your grandmother’s site, today isn’t regarded as anyone’s site since its abrupt and questionable extinction.

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