Zillow: Life, liberty and the pursuit of property


Americans are overly protective of information regarding their personal property — this is certainly not newsworthy. More and more media outlets have deemed celebrities’ purchasing and selling of properties as high-profile news. Television channels from TLC to A&E have shows about flipping houses and property searches — and they’re some of the most popular shows on each channel.

How much a home is worth, the potential for refinancing, mortgage payments and property values are considered by many some of the most personal information that exists today. Well, thanks to the folks at Zillow.com, your deepest and most personal property investment information is now online — for everyone to see.

In a very user-friendly interface, any user can search any address in the entire United States to find a property’s value — for free. Sure, Zillow may be based on algorithm that has drawn some skepticism from many, but the site, founded in 2005 by two former Microsoft executives, has become one of the Top 300 most frequented sites on the Internet.

Though there are questions concerning just what exactly the algorithm is based off, the property values are often times spot on. The site offers information about the fluctuation of the home’s worth over a time-span (one year, five years, 10 years), and other comparisons to properties in the area.

It’s not all bad, however — Zillow offers a Mortgage Marketplace for those interested in getting loan quotes, without asking them for any personal information. Maybe they’re not such bad people after all.

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