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In 2011, being an art lover doesn’t require a passport and an airplane ticket — just Internet access. Thanks to Google’s newly launched Google Art Project, you will be able to wander through the corridors of the world’s most fantastic museums in just one click.

Much like Google’s popular Street View Project, Google Art Project is an interactive website that uses the same technology as Google Earth, providing you with incredibly high quality image. Once you choose the museum you wish to visit (currently 17 major ones — from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Palace of Versailles near Paris), you are able to stroll through hundreds of different rooms and stop at whatever painting you wish.

The team behind the project paid special attention to detail — knowing that viewers would be especially critical of the quality of the images. But with the help of something called “gigapixel,” viewers are able to zoom into paintings and see even the slightest brush stroke. According to the director of the program, Amit Sood, each image has around seven billion pixels! (Hey, I’m no expert but somethings tells me that’s better than a Coolpix.) Sood said the projects aim is to make art more accessible to people. And what better way? Art enthusiasts worldwide get the perks of skipping long lines, 24 hour access to works of art and doing without that That Tall Obnoxious Guy standing in front of Vincent Van Gogh’s The bedroom.

In short, the project encompasses the very essence of the internet — to give people accessibility. Really, It’s just lovely.

Check out this 1-minute video:
Google Art Project

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