Blancspot: the art of news


It’s constantly being said print journalism is on the verge of dying. We’re getting our news with the click of a button or even a swift movement of our fingers on a screen. We want to know what’s happening right at that moment without it taking up too much of our time.

Well, there’s a new way to get the news on the go called Blancspot. With so many choices for reading the news, Blancspot effectively sets itself apart from the rest by combining news updated in real-time with visual appeal and an interactive platform.

For now, Blancspot is only available as an iPhone or iTouch application, but that’s perfect for those who, like me, get our news on there already. It’s definitely much more interesting than scrolling through an endless amount of text, and you’re getting the same information, sometimes even more.

When the app is opened, a dashboard organizes the latest headlines from different topics, including sports, business, politics, the planet, and you can choose your own channel too. The grid, much like a slideshow of photos, can be scrolled up and down to browse the categories or left and right to browse through the stories. Simply tap on a photo headline to read more.

What really makes Blancspot so different besides its picturebook appeal is its Engage section, which provides clickable links to topics mentioned, a Twitter tab to see Tweets with keywords related to the article and a Friends tab to share the story on Facebook and see what you’re friends have been viewing. It’s a fun and social way to experience the news and it’s even a good tool for journalists who use Facebook, e-mail and Twitter to communicate with contacts while getting the facts.

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