Mixx: Customizable news


In a world that has become increasingly customizable, from the car that you drive to the fast food that you order for lunch, it is only natural that this desire for products specifically tailored to your personal needs and interests would extend to the way you view news and find information.

Mixx.com, a social news site, caters to this specific need. It is a news site that allows registered users to decide based on their interests, which specific categories of news they would like to view on their homepages, which are known as mixxpages, and allows them to bypass anything else. Users can also upload content that they find interesting, vote on existing content and comment on other users’ uploads.

There is also an option to view only news that has been rated the highest by people who share a particular interest, as well as content that has received the most comments.

These features allow for an interactive way to view the news that supports both the idea of individuality, by encouraging customization and community, by fostering the discussion of ideas between people sharing a common interest.

Mixx.com is an ideal news site for those who crave customization for the sake of individuality and those who want it simply to speed up their news gathering process by eliminating any content that may not be of interest, essentially allowing you to be the editor of your own news site.

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