Peak into the past with Critical Past


Want to see those five seconds of your grandfather in a World War II video? Or maybe check out some Great Depression footage for a research paper?

Well with Critical Past you can dig up all kinds of tidbits from the past century or so. Consisting largely of U.S. government agency sources, the website is a huge archive of photos, videos and other interesting clips from 1890 to 1990.

With more than 57,000 videos and seven million images, Critical Past lets you relive certain moments in history, such as World War II, with the highest number of clips.

The site is free to browse and is organized in a way that makes it easy to search for specific events. First the clips are organized by decade, then by year and then by location. You can also simply search for something specific in their Search bar.

Besides being obviously entertaining, Critical Past could offer some more background on a time frame or even provide images for an article or a research paper. If you do find a video or still you want, you do have to pay for it, and it can either be delivered to your door or even immediately downloaded. They even have iPod compatible clips.

So starting at $4.99, you can own a little piece of history.

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