Foodily: The Recipe Search Engine


Tired of searching through books and magazines to find the perfect recipe for a new culinary dish? Thanks to the new recipe search engine Foodily, those days of blindly searching are finally over.

Foodily, a name abbreviated for “Food I Love You”, is a meta-search engine that provides search results for recipes from FoodNetwork,,, and many other sources. All results are compiled together side-by-side, listing the recipe’s source, ingredients needed, preparation time, step-by-step directions and of course a picture of the finished product.

What makes Foodily, so impressive is the general sleek and clean appearance of the website. The homepage set up is similar to Google’s, offering two simple search bars: a “Search for recipes…” bar and a “without” bar. The second bar is particularly useful for its ability to exclude specific ingredients for those who have allergies, or specific dietary needs.

Foodily also prides itself on its ability to integrate social media into their recipe search engine. Through the use of Facebook Connect, Foodily users can see from the web page what recipes their Facebook friends have “liked” and commented on. A Foodily user can even compile recipes into a menu and create a Facebook group to share amongst their friends.

While the idea of creating menus for your Facebook friends may seem like a foreign concept, the ability to choose and compare hundreds of recipe choices from your computer no longer is.

To find out more check out this Foodily video.

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