Really smart phone helps find UM contacts


As I walked through campus the other day, I reached for my iPhone to make a phone call to a classmate. Naturally, I went straight to my contacts list to search her name. However, I must have unintentionally brushed my thumb across my screen and landed under “groups” in my contacts.

It’s a screen I had never bothered looking at since I haven’t designated anyone on my address book under a specific group. But something immediately caught my eye… and you can see it in the image below.

Curious to see what this “UM Global Address List” meant, I clicked on it and was prompted to search a name.

This was the result in the second image below.

Basically, because I have my University of Miami e-mail account synced to my phone, my address book automatically reads the “UM Global Address List” that the University provides — which is a directory of all students, faculty, and staff email addresses at the University of Miami. What does this mean? That my smart phone, once again, has made my life a little easier. Instead of researching through my old syllabus every time I want to email a former professor or wishing I knew the e-mail of the guy that sits in front of me in World Lit so I can borrow his notes, all I have to do is tap my fingers a few times.

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