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By JAMIE N. STEPHENS is the premier news and resource site about how the digital technology is transforming the media,” describes itself.

Basically, the site offers advice, news and opinions about the future of media, ranging from social media, mobile trends, innovation in media, online journalism to digital storytelling. highlights examples of innovative digital media work while “recognizing those who do great work and helping those who don’t,” also said.

Published by an award-winning online and print journalist, Jonathan Dube, the site was founded in 2000. Dube serves as the vice president in charge of and the past president of the Online News Association.

This news site offers some really helpful suggestions and resources including a “Tips and Tools” feature, a blog scan option and job information. Users can also post their writings where professionals in the journalism world can read and edit their work. even goes as far as to allow users the option of following or adding them as a friend on Facebook and Twitter. Its bookstore feature is equally impressive as it exhibits a “recommended reading” book list of specialized literature of the professional journalism world.

With additional resources including Design/Usability, Ethics/Credibility, Legal Issues and Research/Studies, automatically links users directly to detailed stories/blogs which fall under those various topics.

Helpful, innovative and unique, is a beneficial resource/information site for print and digital journalists and multimedia users of all ages, genres, backgrounds and expertise.

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