California court rules free Internet porn legal


Oh, February, the month of love; it’s the time of the year where girls just want to be romanced and boys are thinking about what’s in their pants. And on that inappropriate note, let’s talk about a great American staple: porn. More importantly, free porn.

Earlier this year, Time reported that Kevin Cammarata, an adult entertainment entrepreneur, filed a lawsuit with the free video-sharing pornography site (don’t worry, if you click this link it takes you to an age verification page), claiming it has caused “many millions of dollars of damages to proprietors of adult entertainment websites” and “had a massive negative impact on the business model of adult website proprietors.”

Fortunately for all those needy individuals who just can’t get along without their poor choice of hobby, the California Appeals Court disagreed, dismissing the case against the site as an unfair attack on free speech. The court also cited that most of the videos on the site are licensed previews intended to direct viewers to sites that require payment for viewing content. Rest assured your choice of exotic entertainment will be available for enjoyment, free from said website (and other similar sites), for the foreseeable future.

I wonder what this could mean for future sites taking a similar business model, not in the adult entertainment genre….

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