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You thought high school was brutal? Well, in 2011, it seems your reputation follows you even outside of the hallways of your old high school and into the “real” world of social networking.

Upon reading statistics in 2009 by CareerBuilder that claimed that 45 percent of their listed employers said they audited the social networking accounts of possible candidates and 35 percent of them actually turned down an applicant because of what they found, Priyanshu Harshavat came up with an innovative way to do something about it. The result? Socioclean, your go-to web destination for social damage control.

With the tagline “Understand and Protect your Social Reputation,” Socioclean provides its users with a comprehensive assessment of their online activity. Currently, Socioclean offers its service to Facebook with the intention of expanding on to Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Basically, Socioclean looks for more than 5,000 words/key terms that may be flagged as offensive — sexual, racial, profane, and alcohol/drugs related. By creating an account with Socioclean (which proved to be fast and easy), you grant them temporary access to your Facebook account to look up all content that is currently public — wall posts, photos, groups, status updates. After a few minutes, the page reloads and you are given a grade and graphs that explain your grade and usage.

The great thing is that you are also given a completely detailed list with links to the posts that were flagged (the reason, the key terms in bold and the date). It is important to note, however, that Socioclean does not only dig up your posts, but also those of your friends who have left posts on your page. This explains why I was absolutely dumbfounded when I received this:

I guess I should thank my lively friends for that. And I should thank Socioclean for making me aware of it. Right now the service is completely free, and it’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes. After all, you never know whose snooping around.

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