Is the Net down for everyone … or just me?


Access to the Internet — it is one of the most simplistic, yet important tools of everyday life. From the living room at home to the office at work and everywhere in between (bus, subway, car ride), connection is everything. Whether it’s a painfully slow connection to Wireless Canes, a down hard-wire connection or slow-loading emails and web pages on your iPhone, connection speed is vital, and makes all the difference.

It seems oftentimes that the times when we need a page to reference the most, the page itself won’t upload — or is taking a brutally long time to do so. Search engines and email interfaces usually maintain some sort of stability on a day-to-day basis — but what about those pages that are hit or miss, the ones you need to “catch on a good day” if they happen to load entirely or in a timely fashion?

Down For Everyone ( does not solve your problems. It doesn’t help you load a page any faster, and it won’t give you specific details as to why a page isn’t loading. But that simple question, that gets asked so often via Facebook Chat and text message, about the status of a website page — “Is that site down for you or is it just my computer?” — can now be answered with a single text prompt asking for a URL. Simple but incredibly useful, Down For Everyone should be a bookmark for journalists who open a thousand tabs a day but can not always get the ones they need to access to open.

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