Have no fear, Google’s Person Finder is here


After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, Google, the mega search-engine we all know and love, created the Person Finder with the U.S. Department of State. Now Person Finder is being used to help victims of the earthquake that just hit Christchurch, New Zealand.

With Person Finder, people can reconnect with loved ones such as family or friends, by searching the person’s name on a user-created database.

“If no match is found in the existing database, they can leave information about the person and a message for him or her. People can also leave information about themselves for their loved ones or add information they have about another person to the site,” reports mashable.comGoogle representatives said it addresses the problem that occurred during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when there were several websites with missing person registries by having the data from these registries in a simple format.

The website has two options: one button is “I’m looking for someone” and the other “I have information about someone.”

The Person Finder has been successful in creating a link between people during a time of chaos, including after the earthquakes in both Chile and China last year. As of this afternoon, Person Finder has about 6,900 records.

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