UM School of Communication debuts on Twitter

I am relatively new to Twitter so I’m still working out the “language” and trying to comprehend how writing grammatically incorrect is a “good” thing … but besides that, Twitter seems to be a pretty handy tool and from what I can tell many journalism related companies strongly encourage their employees to have an account and be actively on it.

On the education front, the University of Miami’s School of Communication is branching out in its attempt to reach students by creating a Twitter account that students can follow to get the latest updates. It’s relatively new so they don’t have many followers (as I’m writing this it says 63 followers..) but if you’re interested, you can click here and start following!

I think it’s a smart move for the School for Communication to join one of the most widely used social media outlets available to reach their students because a large percentage of students have Twitter and may check it more often than their email, especially if they have the App loaded on to their smart phone.

So if you’re wondering what sort of information the UMSoC Twitter account, here are a few recent tweets by the UMSoc account:

Having a portal like Twitter to communicate with students is an effective way of not only keeping up with students who are scattered across campus but really demonstrating what students are learning in journalism today: you have to keep up with the trends. With advancements in online reporting and social networking paving the way for future journalists, demonstrating an understanding of the necessity to maintain contacts and networking with others is an important step the university is taking.

Journalists from all different kinds of networks are on Twitter and a huge majority of companies rely on their Twitter followers for advertising and networking.

As a somewhat “newbie” to Twitter, I am quickly finding the potential in learning the tweeting world and keeping up with news in the fast-paced short form way that Twitter allows for. Spend some time on Twitter searching through different people, organizations, companies, schools and so on to follow and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

It’s a great way to get yourself out there in the world, but keep it professional because you never know who’s reading it!

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