Broadcastr: Stories from around the world


The new social media platform Broadcastr lets users share, record and listen to audio recordings that match a specific location to a personal story. Using the map located on Broadcastr‘s homepage, viewers can explore stories from all over the world, or post their own adventures to be shared.

The stories on Broadcastr feature every possible topic, often displaying the audio creator’s personal experiences. During a 10-minute search, I heard a New Zealander’s story about cicadas, a UNICEF radio report examining earthquake damage in China, a health teacher describing HIV education in Cameroon, to a somewhat more local story about an New York City waiter’s profiling of purse snatchers.

What makes Broadcastr so interesting is the exciting randomness and diversity that a simple search can lead to. Many of the broadcasts do however have specific purposes, such as a historical telling of NYC’s South Street Seaport or a person’s travel advice for traveling to Bermuda.

What originally began out of Brooklyn, Broadcastr is a rapidly expanding platform that as quickly expanded beyond the boroughs of New York City and onto all seven continents. As the website suggests, Broadcastr will soon be expanding to iPhone and Android applications, where smart phone owners will be able to explore stories from all over the globe.

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