Grab your Swackett, it’s chilly out


I recently heard about this adorable app called Swackett. First of all to clear up the initial confusion of the name, Swackett is a slang term meaning sweater, jacket, or coat. Thankfully, for users, the name is the most complicated part.

What Swackett does is it transforms boring weather data into a visual weather report, with cute people symbols (peeps) that appear on your screen dressed appropriately for the weather in your location. If it’s hot, the peeps will be wearing shorts and sunglasses. If it’s snowing, they’re wearing boots, coats and winter hats. You can even choose your edition, such as 1950s or Latin American. While it does sound a little childish, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! And just in case you doubted the accuracy of it because of its endearing characters, Swackett uses AccuWeather to include current conditions and forecasts for every zip code in America, as well as major cities around the world.

Swackett is fun and simple, yet useful for everyone, and runs as a Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad App, or on any web browser. Not to mention your custom locations are automatically synced to all of your devices. It’s perfect for busy person, or someone constantly on the go, like a journalist.

Best of all, the standard and modern editions are free for all supported mobile devices and up to 10 computers, and others are just $1.29.

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