IntoNow: What’s on TV?


Remember when the smartphone application Shazam made identifying song names so easy? The new application IntoNow is now TV’s version, providing the show and the specific episode being broadcast, all while incorporating social media platforms to the experience.

Image of IntoNow application processing a television program

After downloading the free application, IntoNow can recognize television programs and movies, simply by pressing a green button on the homepage and holding the phone up to the TV for a 10-to-20 second span. By recognizing the program’s audio IntoNow can identify if your watching an episode of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” a college basketball game on ESPN, or even a live report on a major news network.

While the app is incredibly handy there are still some limitation to its identification capabilities. For one, IntoNow is unable to identify local channels and is only able to identify when a commercial is occurring but not what content is being advertised. IntoNow also struggles to pick up the TV audio if there’s anything more than minimal noise occurring in the room. Only when there was near silence would IntoNow succeed at recognizing the television program.

One of the main purposes of IntoNow is to integrate television viewing and social media together. From the comforts of the phone app, a person can share what they’re watching on Facebook or Twitter to their friends. Likewise, IntoNow allows you to see what your friends are watching as well. The app also links to Netflix for renting of viewed programs and the popular movie database IMDB for access to further information. In addition, IntoNow is also capable of identifying television and movies from a computer, including Youtube clips as well.

Now, when friends can’t physically watch a program together, at least they have the handiness of IntoNow to connect together under a shared viewing experience.

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