Is anyone up? I don’t want to know!


Is anyone up?

Don’t take that the wrong way. Or maybe you should, as the creator of would want you to do. (proceed with caution) was created by Hunter Moore, a self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner,” four months ago. Simply put, it is a site that hosts a vast array of nude pictures, primarily focused on the celebrities of the underground alternative scene.

Now, I really have no interest in going around the Internet and looking at nude pictures, but a friend of a friend just wound up on this site (poor decision on her part) and curiosity sparked. I cautiously checked out this site and was disgusted with what I saw.

First and foremost, I think this site is a gross invasion of privacy, as hundreds of people’s personal pictures are posted for viewers to rank and pass judgment. Second, this site freely encourages the distribution of pornographic materials by victimizing unsuspecting individuals who have taken private photographs for personal use. It’s the perfect forum for that disgruntled ex to post compromising photos in retaliation. In fact, the site encourages it, which can be seen in the screen shots of the site’s Twitter account, begging for new pictures.

This isn’t the first website to host nudity, but it’s the first one that I know about that promotes the humiliation of others in demeaning “attire.” Fortunately, people can request to have their photos removed. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done; there’s no telling how many people have seen the pictures, who has seen them, and even if they have been (dare I say it) saved on someone’s computer.

As many of us are young, we tend to believe that we are fairly invincible, that bad things (like having embarrassing photos posted on the Internet) won’t happen to us. However, one mistake could come back to haunt. So, this is just a friendly reminder to practice caution within relationships. You never know when it could happen!

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