How ‘worldly’ are you? App uses social network to show you


Throughout my travels, I’ve witnessed first hand the importance of social networking.

Me: “We need to keep in touch!”

New friend in Barcelona: “Si! Do you have Facebook?”

But after accumulating under 700 friends in my Facebook network, it’s difficult to keep track of where all my globetrotting friends actually are — especially when some are less active on the social networking site than others.

That’s when “Where My Friends Be?” comes in. By accessing your Facebook account, the easy to use website uses a Google Maps interface, that within seconds drops points all over a map of the globe to show you where your friends are.

Developers Ajay Mehta, Wesley Zhao and Dan Shipper developed “Where My Friends Be?” in an effort to remind its users of their global connections. It’s a great way to reach out to an old friend who lives where you’re vacationing next or look for job opportunities through an acquaintance residing in Paris.

Try it! It’s fast and easy and sure to give you some global perspective.

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