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As we continue to move towards a paperless society, the manner in which we disseminate news is rapidly changing. We no longer have to wait for the morning paper to learn the score of a West Coast basketball game, for example — such information is readily available online in seconds. In order to keep up with the demand for instantaneous news, however, organizations such as CNN have become creative problem solvers.

CNN’s iReport section on their website ( provides members of the online community with the opportunity to have their photographs, videos and text displayed on CNN’s website, allowing voices from across the globe to be heard by a world audience.

And while anyone could just as easily create his or her own online blog through which to communicate, CNN’s iReport system takes care to distinguish accurate news stories from misinformed dribble. Only stories containing a red “I” in the upper left hand corner of the image have been verified by CNN.

In addition to being able to contribute your own unique stories to iReport, the website also has an “assignment desk” section in which CNN asks for text, photographs or videos of a specific topic, event or issue.

Another interesting feature of iReport is their “need help” section on the “assignment desk” page. If you would like to improve your reporting skills, the iReport toolkit has great advice to perfect your storytelling, photographs, audio or video.

So if you ever find yourself amidst a breaking news story, try uploading your photos, video or text to CNN’s iReport section of their website. Who knows? Maybe this could be your big break.


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