Explore the world around you with Foursquare


Foursquare is a two-year-old location-based smartphone app that allows you to “check in” or share your location with friends, meanwhile collecting points and virtual badges.

The fun game just released a new version 3.0 that uses virtually every check-in submitted to create recommendations.

This version includes a new Explore tab to give users suggestions on where to go, revamping its awards system and even enabling merchants to engage with customers in more ways, such as Check-in Specials, Friend Specials, Flash Specials (first five people to show up at a certain time get a free drink), Newbie Specials, Swarm Specials, Mayor Specials and Loyalty Specials.

Those are a whole lot of specials to make users feel special!

Users can also acquire points for almost anything involving a check-in, for example trying a new restaurant, traveling somewhere new or getting friends together someplace.

Since keeping users interested is crucial for a service like Foursquare, it’s no wonder they came up with new reasons for users to get hooked.

With tangible benefits for participating and a points system that sucks users in, the game intertwines more and more with real-life.


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