Jeff Jarvis: Journalist turned blogger offers BuzzMachine


More and more in today’s tech-infused journalism world, writers strictly attached to newspapers are forced to take up technology to supplement their talents. Writers everywhere have Twitter feeds, blogs on newspaper websites, YouTube streams and every other possible online source of media imaginable. When a writer stops constantly updating the flow of information for any of those sources, he/she is put down in favor of a more immediate source.

Jeff Jarvis: Blogger Extraordinaire

Meet Jeff Jarvis. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern, Jarvis has been in the journalism industry for more than 30 years. He gained popularity from his immediate reporting of the World Trade Center attacks; caught in the right place at the right time (his train was pulling in from New Jersey right as the first plane struck), Jarvis remained on the scene to interview onlookers and anyone he could as the towers were falling. His love of journalism developed into a love for blogging after his reporting on 9/11.

Now, Jarvis has turned his love of blogging into one of the most successful blogs on journalism – BuzzMachine. Jarvis’ blog ( gives him free reign to comment on the work of other journalists, as well as some of his own favorite topics (Howard Stern among them). BuzzMachine has become one of the more popular blogs on the internet for a reason; his thoughtful work, frequent updates and willingness to respond to his viewers makes it an enjoyable read.

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